Training Method that Fits You!

Training programs are designed by Dr. Greenberg working in concert with the client based upon the client's goals, current level of fitness, experience, personal preference, medical or physical limitations, and time or financial restraints.


Traing can be done one on one or with a friend.


Dr. Greenberg's efficient training techniques and individualized training programs are ideal for everyone from beginners to triathletes or bodybuilders and will enable you to reach one or more of the following common fitness goals (or other goals as set forth by the client):

1. Weight loss or decrease in body fat percentage. (improvement in body composition)

2. Increase in muscular definition, muscle tone or in muscle mass.

3. Improvement in performance including increased strength, speed, endurance, quickness, or athletic performance. 

4. Improvement in health including decrease in cardiac risk factors such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Also improvement in bone density/health; decrease in risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis.

5. Increase in energy.

6. Improvement in function after injuries. (post-rehabilitation)

7. Improvement in daily function and maintenance of independent living.  

This is particularly important for the elderly. Includes improvement in stability, strength, agility and flexibility.  


Dr. Greenberg's individualized programs incorporate the following types of training:

1. Core training

2. Weight training (resistance training): strength training, endurance training, body sculpting/toning/building

3. Weight loss training

4. Cardiovascular training

5. Stability, agility, and flexibility training


Techniques such as circuit training, interval training and conventional training are employed.

Strength Training, Body Building, and Sports


The classic one on one training program is designed to convert your body from a soft, sedentary, calorie storing reservoir into a lean, mean, calorie burning machine.

Your training program and one on one training sessions with Dr. Greenberg are not merely designed to burn calories. Your training program and one on one training sessions with Dr. Greenberg will increase your lean muscle mass, convert fat to muscle, and thereby increase your basal metabolic rate, which is the rate at which your body burns calories at rest or also called your metabolism.


In addition your training sessions with Dr. Greenberg will increase your muscular strength and endurance and cardiovascular capacity making it much easier to exercise and burn calories.


Dr. Greenberg's training is dynamic, fast moving, energizing, efficient, and focuses on major muscle groups. After each of your training sessions with Dr. Greenberg you will feel exhilarated. You will have a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and confidence.


Dr. Greenberg works with his clients to design an efficient training program based on their current level of fitness, goals, limitations and personal preferences.  


We cater to everyone from beginners to tri-athletes and bodybuilders, children to the elderly, the obese, and those with medical conditions or injuries. 


Dr. Greenberg's extensive background in internal medicine is instrumental in designing programs for people with health problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis or osteopenia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and muscular skeletal injuries.            


Dr. Greenberg's understanding of exercise physiology is instrumental in designing programs for athletes to increase their strength, speed, and quickness, and to improve their body composition.


Soon after you start training with Dr. Greenberg your body will feel more solid and you will notice an increase in muscular definition.  By the sixth week you will see remarkable changes in your body, and by three to four months, your body will have taken a full transformation. Of course if you have a large amount of weight to lose or if you are trying to gain a large amount of muscle mass your goals will take longer to achieve, but by this point you will be well on your way.


If you are training less than three times a week results will take longer to achieve. Dr. Greenberg is able to motivate and encourage his clients in order to get the highest level of effort and performance; your results will be in accordance with your effort.

Weight Loss

Weight loss training is similr to the classic training program except there is more emphisis on weight loss. Dr Greenberg does weekly or biweekly weigh-ins, food logging, and diet and lifestyle councilling. Workouts may be longer and have a greater ncalorie burining and endurance building component. Clients are encouraged to do calorie burning activities on their own. 


Resistance training is a very important part of weight loss because it enables the client to lose fat instead of muscle. it also boosts the metabolism and enables the body to burn more calories around the clock.


Stronger legs and core is important in preventing injuries. it also make an active lifestyle more managable and enjoyable.

Functional Training for the Elderly

This includes exercises for improvement in stability of gait, strength, agility and flexibility and functional exercises for improvement with ADLs, improvement in daily function and maintenance of independent living. Dr. Greenberg has years of experience with this population due to his backround in internal medicine. These people get great results with Dr. Greenberg and make up a large percentage of his clientele.

Dr. Greenberg makes sure that these clients are safe while providing them with a very challanging functional workout which will improve functionality, reduce falls, improve cardiovascular condition, improve mobility, strength, energy, and perhaps even cognition.

Post-Rehab Training

The solo training program includes post-rehab training for people who have recently recovered from injuries such as rotator cuff tears or back injuries. Programs will be designed to develop the musculature in the area of the injury without causing recurrent injury.

Corporate Fitness

Bethesda Fitness works with corporations with and without fitness facilities. Dr. Greenberg will travel to your nearby company facility and train employees during, before, or after business hours and offers special rates to corporations who have multiple employees training with Bethesda Fitness.  Dr. Greenberg will also help companies design fitness facilities and advise on the best equipment to purchase.