Our personal training studio is located at

9305 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, Maryland,

one block south of the YMCA and 3/4 mile north of Suburban Hospital. There is ample private parking directly in front of the studio. The training studio is owned and operated by Eric Greenberg, MD, CPT a personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. 


Dr. Greenberg personally assesses all clients and conducts all training sessions.  


We are a sanitary training facility. 

1. Only one client trains at a time.

2. All equipment is sanitized with clorox and other        antiseptics between clients.

3. Use of hand sanatizer is encouraged.

4. We Use HEPA filters which can remove virus sized particles from the air.


Now that the COVID-19 risk is under control, it is time to lose weight, build muscle and get in shape. Get a jump start at Bethesda Fitness. 


Are you exercising efficiently by performing the proper exercises that maximize growth of your major muscle groups, decrease your body fat, and give your body a lean, toned appearance? Are you performing your exercises with proper form so that you benefit from your workouts?


Are you having trouble just getting motivated enough to work out or trouble maintaining consistency with your workout routines?






                GET ON THE RIGHT TRACK


Begin regular one on one training sessions with Eric Greenberg MD, CPT (ACSM). Dr. Greenberg (Eric) Is a licensed physician and was Board certified in Internal Medicine in 1996 after graduating from University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1993 and completing his Internal Medicine Residency at the Washington Hospital Center. He obtained his Personal  Training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine in 2010. He has trained hundreds of people over the past 11 years. 


He will make an accurate assessment of your current health and physcial condition and help you formulate realistic goals.Then he will implement an effective diet and exercise program for you based on science, evidence, and experience.


Eric will guide you and motivate you every step of the way. Just as your capabilities increase so will the level of your training program. Eric will ensure that all of your training from start to finish is done correctly and with proper form to prevent injury and ensure results.


Eric is going to put you an a straight forward exercise routine that makes sense and that you can mentally, physically, and emotionally tolerate, continue, and upon which you can thrive. He will advance you work out when you are ready. Eric will take into carefuln consideration your health and any coexisting medical conditions.


Eric will give you you sound dietary advice. He will take into account your dietary preferences and discuss with you any diet plans or supplements that you are interested starting or have learned about.