Clients Testimonials About Eric Greenberg, MD CPT

“I have been training with Eric for the past three months and I have been very pleased with the results as well with Eric's approach.

I started looking for a personal trainer months before I met Eric because I had gained weight, had little energy, and felt that my fitness and health were not good.

I wanted to get back into the condition that I had been in most of my life.
I trained with a couple of other trainers who did not listen to my needs and requests and tried to get me to do exercises with which I felt uncomfortable performing.  
Before I trained with Eric I explained to him what my needs, interests, and goals were, and explained my medical history.
Eric listened to me and formulated a program with which I felt very comfortable. Actually, his program was very demanding, but I only performed exercises with which I felt comfortable.  I understood the reasons for each exercise, and understood the basis for the regime.  After each session,  I feel invigorated. I am always left with a sense of balance and accomplishment. My energy greatly increased after training for only a couple weeks.   I have lost significant weight and I feel stronger and firmer. I believe that Eric's background as an internal medicine physician sets him apart from other trainers.  Not only does he have the background to design a program that addresses my health concerns, but he has the 'bedside manner' of a physician who is concerned and  truly wants to help his client. "


--M. Soheili, age 38  Potomac, MD

“I could not have wished for a better trainer than Eric.

I had been in great shape all of my life until about four years ago. I had gained a significant amount of weight and could not fit into any of my clothes.  I started to swim on a regular basis and lost some weight, then I plateaued and could not lose any more weight and still could not get into my old clothes.

Eric started me on interval training and weight training.  The workouts were much more vigorous than my swimming workouts. At first I was worried that my muscles would get to big if I lifted weights, but Eric reassured me that they would not. Despite my legs becoming very strong, they are more slender and more feminine than ever before. I lost 12 additional pounds to get back to my precollege weight, and my hips, thighs and butt are shapelier than they have ever been.  I lost all of my belly fat and now I am not only no longer ashamed to be seen in my bathing suit at the pool, but I am very proud of my slim and tone figure.

I could have never done it without Eric's intense training program, his encouragement and his pushing me to perform at a higher level."


 --Jackie F., age 43  Bethesda, MD

“I have now been training three times a week with Eric for the past year. My level of fitness has dramatically improved and continues to improve. I can perform exercises that I could not have possibly performed just a few months ago. 


When I first started training with Eric, I felt tired when I walked up a flight of stairs. My energy  dramatically improved over the first month, and now my energy level is excellent.


In addition the training studio is beautiful and I am much more comfortable there than in a gym.


 I cannot even imagine going through a week without my training sessions. Thank you, Eric, for continuing to motivate me!“


--S. Tuckley, age 39

"I have been training with Eric for the past four months and have had dramatic results.  I have lost twenty pounds despite not being greatly overweight to begin with, and I have become much stronger and noticeably more muscular. I get numerous complements on my physique.  Now I can lift each of my kids with one hand at the same time.
I am a surgeon, and I used to have back pain when I was in surgery for a long time, but now I never have back pain.  
During the workouts Eric keeps me moving from one high intensity exercise to the next, without rest. My heart rate remains up throughout the workout.  Eric pushes me and encourages me to perform at a level that I could never perform on my own.


After the workouts I feel great.

I am very appreciative of Eric's enthusiasm and sincere effort to raise my level of performance and fitness." 


K Trad, age 51  Bethesda, MD

"I am extremely pleased with Eric's personal training.  I have several medical problems and injuries and was unable to work out on my own.  I went to Eric to see if he could train me despite my limitations.  Eric designed a program which permits me to work out at a very high level of intensity without letting my injuries get in the way.  I have lost seven pounds in the past month an feel much more physically fit.  The workouts are challenging but are within my limitations.  Eric's medical background is a big plus and greatly helps him understand my ailments and work around them. In addition, the training studio is very nice and comfortable.  I recommend Eric to everyone who wants to get in shape without reservation."                                                      

A. Goldman, age 50  Bethesda, MD

Eric is a great trainer. I have been training with him for almost a year now and my results have be outstanding.  I get numerous complements about my figure and I am in better condition than I have been in for years. 


The workouts are demanding, but Eric is a very nice guy and I really enjoy spending time with him.  He is very bright and has a good sense of humor. He also is extremely knowledgeable about health and fitness.


If you really want to get in shape and are willing to put in the effort, I highly recommend Eric to you.


Maxine C,  age 57  Bethesda, MD

I have lost over 75 pounds and completely transformed my body since I started training with Eric over five months ago. I am 15 pounds from my goal.  I could never have done this without Eric. Now, for the first time in years, I get compliments about my physique.
Eric is a phenomenal trainer.  His workouts are demanding but I am always psyched to work out with Eric, and I feel great after the workouts.  I am nearly twice as strong as I was when I started in all of my lifts.  
Eric really knows what he is doing, and my friends who are fitness buffs agree. If you really want to get in shape and you are willing to put in the effort, you should train with Eric.  

K. Hartman age 39  Rockville, MD

I've been working with Eric for almost a year, after I determined to lose a substantial amount of weight and get myself into some sort of fit state. Eric has been terrific.  He designed a program to meet my special needs...I wanted to strengthen muscles needed to ride a horse at a dude ranch I booked for the summer!  He challenges me and encourages me and keeps me going.  I know I wouldn't lift weights without him being there.  He uses the traditional methods that show results!  I couldn't be happier with how I'm feeling; stronger, thinner, and so much is due to Eric.


Roxanne R. age 62  Bethesda, MD

Four years ago I moved to the US, and it was then when I started gaining weight.  I joined the gym but no luck... A couple of months ago I started training with Eric, and since then I have been getting many compliments as to how much weight I have lost, and how fit I look.  It's true, I finally fit into my old jeans, but even better, I feel fit, I have developed muscle and resistance.  I was under the impression that I would have to diet and do a lot of cardio, however, I have not done any of those, and look and feel better than ever, and this is thanks to training with Eric.  He is a very disciplined trainer and encourages me to workout, without skipping sessions.... the result is that I have indeed become more disciplined in my training, and take it very seriously.  I must emphasize that I had previously tried working out with other trainers and had never gotten the results I have gotten with Eric.  I would have never been able to get in shape had it not been for Eric!!!! 


Andrea A. age 30  Bethesda, MD

I have been training with Eric for almost a year and my results have been remarkable.  

At first I wanted to build up my upper body. In the first three months, I saw better results than I sawthe entire year I spent with my previous trainer. I built up my upper body and increased my definition very fast. My strength increased more than three fold.

Several months ago Eric convinced me to put more emphasis on my lower body.  Our workouts focused more on the quads, hamstrings and glutes. 

Eric encourages me every step of the way and pushes me to perform at a higher level than I could ever reach on my own. I have made remarkable progress on my lower body in recent months and my figure is really nice now.  Last night some 20 something said I have nice legs. 

Thank you, Eric, for making me work so hard. 

I highly recommend Eric to anyone who seriously wants to get in shape and is willing to work hard to achieve his goal.


Dawn Z. age 41  Bethesda, MD

"Eric is an excellent trainer. He understands my strengths and weaknesses and tailors our sessions accordingly.  While I don't necessarily love to workout, I enjoy my workouts with him.  He pushes me to do more but in a gentle way. He also has a good sense of humor!  Since working out with him my balance is better,  my endurance is stronger and I am able to move through a fast paced workout without gasping for breath!   It is the perfect complement to my weight watcher's program and walking plan."


Lisa V. , 54

"I love training with Eric because each time I leave he has gotten me to do something that I didn't think was possible whether it's lifting an entire rack of weights, benching more than I previously had or doing exercises with ease that were once really hard. One huge advantage of training with Eric is that given his medical degree, he really knows the body. So when he pushes me to do things that I don't believe I can do, I have confidence that I'm not going to injure myself.  Every time we finish a work out, I leave exhausted but also energized because I have accomplished something that I didn't think I could do.  His confidence in me (and a little insistence) inspired me to start running on my own. I started with a 5k; I'm about to run a 10K and I have just signed up for a half marathon!  He regularly checks in with me about my running progress, which helps me to feel accountable. He also regularly checks in with my on my weight loss, which was the top goal that I had when I started working out with him. I am pleased to report that I have lost 25 pounds and at least one close size since I began training with him twice a week at his home studio.  Eric is an EXCELLENT trainer.  What you spend in dollars, you will make up in health and confidence."


Kim C. -42

Eric is the best: a very knowledgeable trainer who uses that knowledge to help his clients meet their goals efficiently.  He works me hard, but seems to always know where the limit is  -- and pushes me to a level that is doable, yet beyond what I would likely do myself.  He is hard working, thoughtful, and even funny!  The results have surpassed my expectations, and I feel lucky to work with him.  

Bob Stack, Rockville, MD